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Bakers Flags and Emblems have been manufacturing the nation’s flags since 1962 and stands proud to be a supplier of quality flags in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the regional and international market.
We carry all sizes, available from miniature desk flags to the largest in 100% Nylon National Flags.
The Trinidad and Tobago national Flag was designed by the Independence committee and was chosen to be use as the official flag for the Nation in 1962. It must be noted also that the maker of the first flag which was hoisted on the day Trinidad and Tobago became independence is also the founder of Bakers’ Flags and Emblems.
The flag colours; Red, White and Black goes to mean the following. Red represents the vitality of the land, its people, the warmth and energy and the courage and friendliness of the people. The black and white diagonal emblematic of the sea which is shaded in white and black represents the strength, unity of purpose and wealth of the land.

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